Why Sara Kappler Consulting?

I help small businesses smooth out their processes so they can scale.  Growing out of your excel spreadsheets and need a project management tool?  Getting lost in contacts and correspondence and need a CRM?  Spend too much time on email and need some automation in your life?  I listen to small business owners and help them find the right software to relieve their pain points.  Then I set it up and train their whole team on it.

About me.

Unbiased: I’m not reselling a particular software.  I’ll only recommend user-friendly, tried and tested Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to you.  There will be no need to talk about servers, no need to deal with software that doesn’t work or isn’t intuitive.  There’s a lot of great software out there for small businesses, let’s find the best one for you.

I’ll find the best software for you.

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Building and Guidance: I’m a long time project manager and know that it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you need from a new system until you’re actually using it.  I try to save you the minutiae and guide you through the topics that need a more thorough conversation.  The solution will come together step by step until it’s just right, and there will always be room for feedback.

I’ll set up the solution & guide you through it.

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Focus on training: With a background in training, that’s where my mind is from day 1. How can we set it up so it’s as simple as possible?  What are the benefits to the whole team?  I will be there for you and your team through the transition & be the expert if and when questions arise. 

I’ll get your whole team up and running.


Image: CC0 image from Pixaby, u/Efraimstochter

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